Beethoven Symphony No. 9 with the Fairfax Symphony

January 2, 2022

Event Details

The Fairfax Choral Society— Thomas Colohan, artistic director
Choralis— Gretchen Kuhrmann, artistic director


LESHNOFF:   Symphony No. 4 “Heichalos” (Regional Premiere)

BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 9

Danielle Talamantes, soprano
Daryl Freedman, mezzo-soprano
Cameron Schutza, tenor
Mark Doss, bass

Distinguished as “a leader of contemporary American lyricism” (The New York Times), composer Jonathan Leshnoff is renowned for his music’s striking harmonies, powerful themes, and rhythmic drive.  In this piece the composer draws inspiration from an ancient Jewish mystical text, Heichalos, to explore spiritual and ethical questions at the heart of the Jewish experience.

Leshnoff’s Symphony No. 4 is an evocative work written for the Violins of Hope, a collection of restored instruments that survived the Holocaust.

Beethoven crafted his famous Ninth Symphony in an epic struggle between despair and transcendence to reach new heights with the words “all men become brothers.” His glorious final symphony celebrates the bonds that unite humankind and has been described as his “great vision of the future.” Experience our season finale with a composition regarded by many not only as Beethoven’s greatest work but as one of the greatest achievements in the history of music!