St Pete Opera – A Soprano’s Mosaic: Voyage through Versatility

December 9, 2020

Part of St Petersburg Opera Company’s Artist Recital series, this performance was recorded with collaborative pianist, composer, and dear friend, Henry Dehlinger. SPO has invited eight artists to recount their musical journey through song and this recital will conclude their series. Premiering at 7PM on Friday, December 18th, a purchased ticket will provide viewing access through December 31st. Click here to view the program and for more information. A truly versatile array of repertoire, informative introductions from myself and Henry, and a lively interview with Artistic Director, Mark Sforzini is sure to delight! On a personal note, performing live music with another person was never something I thought I’d take for granted. The fulfilling and inspiring swirl of emotions that occurred while creating this recital will never be forgotten! Until we can safely perform live again, please support St Petersburg Opera Company and me by watching this performance.