Close Encounters with Music presents Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman!

Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, Scottsdale, AZ

Anonymous may have been a woman composer. Clara Schumann, Fannie Mendelssohn, Germaine Tailleferre, Maria Theresia von Paradis, Ethel Smyth, Lili Boulanger, Amy Beach, Marianna Martinez, and Augusta Holmès (120-some songs!), move from footnotes to forces in the annals of classical music as women gain the vote and their artistic voices. Extraordinary works by these fearless female composers include songs and sonatas displaying the genius of Fannie, Clara, Amy and Augusta; Tailleferre’s richly romantic Piano Trio; von Paradis’ shimmering Sicilienne; Piano Sonata in G Major by Martinez, a study in beauty and classicism, plus the Mozart four-hand piano sonata she performed with Amadeus himself. Additionally, to kick off a multi-year celebration of women in music, CEWM has commissioned a “quilt” of miniatures by composers Thea Musgrave, Tamar Muskal, Joan Tower, and Judith Zaimont, musical portraits of suffragettes and other women of valor—Smyth, Emma Lazarus, and Sojourner Truth—who advanced the causes of everyone with their steadfastness, ingenuity and idealism.